12-01-2018 - 12-02-2018, Intern bij Studio florisvanderkleij in Amsterdam, www.florisvanderkleij.nl , studio@florisvanderkleij.nl

Studio florisvanderkleij is looking for an independent operating intern who wants to work for a versatile design agency in Amsterdam.
> Period 1 Februari 2018 – 15 juli 2018

Studio florisvanderkleij is looking for an independent operating intern who wants to work in a versatile design agency in Amsterdam. Currently we are realising a highly sustainable wooden building for a innovative geo-energy firm nearby the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam. The re-constructable wooden office building will be build in laminated wooden beams and large Crossed laminated Timber (CLT) boards. The first fase has been completed, we are now working on the technical development and realization in the summer of 2018.

Together with architect Piet van de Werf we have developed an innovative Hubbel building system, which can be used in the circular economy. We are now examining the opportunities for realization a new Hubbel business proposal usable in a circular economy. We are also working for a nice record shop in Leiden, first we designed the interior, now we are asked to change the facade. Further more, we design custom-made furniture (like racking cabinets) and we will continue the construction coördination for the restoration of a church (national monument) at the Lauriergracht again at the end of the year. Where a communications agency (www.kesselskramer.nl) is located. And we are talking about a extension for a villa in Bloemendaal, optionally starting the first sketches February 2018.

We share our space with another design office (Fzdp design studio), where also inter(s) are working, we often lunch together.

Sfvdk offers a good working space and an allowance conform the BNO standards. Ov-card, a bike and a place to stay in Amsterdam are recommended. The design studio is situated nearby Amsterdam Central Station (8-minutes walk).


Call 020 4751027 /0624187889 or email studio@florisvanderkleij.nl

Instagram: studioflorisvanderkleij
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/florisvanderkleij