The tableware series 'Eccentric Plates' consists of four different, unique, handcrafted decorative design souvenirs and dinner plates, which are made of various materials such as ceramics, copper and brass. The tableware does not only assist our daily ritual of food consumption, but also, on the basis of different forms and materials, symbolizes the processes that happen in our body while we digest. Some effects are more extreme than others; some plates are more eccentric than others. The series as a whole evokes associations to well-known dining attributes, but also can be surprising due to their eccentric appearance. 

Two of the variations are to be used, while the other are considered to be design souveniers. The 'Copper' Plate has been created through the use of a flexible casting mold. During the process, the sheer weight of the clay shaped the mold, in turn making every design unique. The 'Rough Edge' plate has been created by the process of using an existing plate for press molding. As design souvenirs, 'The Quid Feci?' series has been formed by working with small bubbles in the casting clay, which later melted away in the oven. The 'Wrinkled' plate is created by combining flexible casting mold and casting brass. 


Photo by David Joosten